it's your story

it's your story

it's your storyit's your storyit's your story

About Us


Our Mission

The Insight writing competition was founded on the purpose of discovering young scholars in China with great intellectual potential and the goal of studying abroad.

We believe that every student has an interesting story to tell, and colleges want to hear it. 

Therefore, we set up a writing competition where students can share their stories and impress us with their writing abilities. 

Essays will be judged according to US University admissions' criteria.

It is our hope that we can discover excellent writers in China, and start them on the path to the best schools in the US. We are partnered with prestigious agencies in Beijing and Shenzhen who also share this same goal and work to make it a reality.


Dedicated Educators

Good writing can be hard to find. Our experienced educators from top universities have an eye for creative talent and intellectual potential. 

Insight  is sponsored by HEC (哈斯教育), a US university admissions consulting firm that provides regional competitors, and can help cultivate and bring out your inner-writer . 

We are also partnered with educators Meiqing, Sharedu, The Nobel Prize, and Coursemo, who share our passion to grow the international academic community in China.


2020 insight competition background


If you are planning to apply to college abroad, you may have heard about the “personal statement.” So, what is the personal statement? Basically, it is the story of your life in one page.

As part of your application, you will be required to write a page about your life: past, present, and future. This can include experiences, interests, or hobbies, and how they impacted your personal growth and future goals.

Bottom Line:

Why is this important? The essay is often, with the exception of occasional interviews, the only qualitative part of the application – meaning that it is the only part that isn’t just a grade, a test score, or a listed item. The PS allows the admissions officer to understand who you are, and what you can potentially contribute to their university. Ultimately, it’s a great opportunity for you to impress the person judging your application.

However, this requires a lot of reflection, writing, and re-writing. Your goal should be to draw the reader in, captivate them, and demonstrate your unique and individual personal qualities.

Don’t worry, all personal statements are different. There is no right or wrong way to write them. Be creative!

The Challenge: 

The aim of the essay is always the same, even if the prompt is different. Depending on which university you are applying to, you may be asked different questions. Some are fairly straightforward, while some are trickier and require more thought.

you will find more details about the competition and the essay prompts. The only way to get comfortable with this type of writing is to try it out for yourself. Go ahead, challenge yourself, and see what you can create!

For more information about the essay prompts and other competition details such as deadlines, prizes, and how to apply,  click the link below.

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